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If you're reading this then in some way shape or form I have peeked your interest in checking out what It Works is all about (Which is awesome!!) So while you're looking around on this site I am going to share my story with you…

I am a 28 year old Stay at Home Mom to a 3 year old son, I have a Bengal Cat, American Shorthair & a Huskador Puppy so for the majority of the day, while my husband is away at work, they keep me busy, but there is also some downtime between taking care of them and doing every day house work so what better way to make a little (or a lot depending on how good you are!) of cash than to become a distributor for It Works? And the best part is, you can do it in your pajamas any time, anywhere. (Which is a major plus for me!)

I first heard about It Works Wraps while I was pregnant on Instagram, I thought to myself "I've seen these things advertised a lot, but I highly doubt they actually do anything." After a few months passed tragedy struck my husband & I when I miscarried our child at 4 months on April 2015. I was completely heartbroken, the following months I couldn't look at myself in the mirror without seeing myself broken, hurt. I felt nothing but pain and even though I knew if I got myself back into shape (Which really I am all belly while pregnant so I just had a Mommy Pouch) it would never erase what happened or change the fact that I did lose a baby. But I felt like I had to do something to try to get my self esteem back so I searched all over the internet for work outs to get rid of a Mommy Pouch that worked for me, not that  I am lazy however I have left hemi paresis spastic cerebral palsy which gives me limitations as to how far I can exert myself because my muscles on my left side are contracted. So I finally found one that would work for me and I kept at it for 8 months solid but I felt that it wasn't giving me results as quickly as I had hoped so I reached out to a fellow distributor  for It Works! on Instagram & told her my story & she offered to make me a Loyal Customer for the Wraps which I tried & to my husband & I's surprise they worked within  2 weeks I had started to get the results I had been striving for since last April.

And that was when I decided that I wanted - no needed to be a distributor because if I could help myself look & feel better that meant that maybe I could do the same for others (Hopefully if my posts brought you here & you're still reading this then you feel the same…) It is by no means a gimmick, it was named "It  Works" for a reason, because it does in fact work. The best part is, is that the It Works Products are all natural. Which  is another plus for me, because I have been a type one diabetic since 1995.

If you feel like you don't need to tighten & tone any part of your body that's okay too because It Works does not only sell wraps but other products as well such as Hair, Skin & Nail Products, Greens which are dietary supplements, Essential Oils, Vitamins, Energy Drinks, Energy Bars and much more! There really is something for everyone!!

So take a chance, join my team and get your sexy back you won't regret it!!




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